Emergency Medicine

emergencyRoomA medical emergency is traumatic enough, so at Memorial Hospital, our emergency care unit was designed to ease the stress on you and your family. Each patient is seen in a private treatment room—not a tiny, curtained cubicle with other patients just a few feet away. Registration takes place bedside, so you’re more comfortable and your privacy is protected.

For the most severe circumstances, our emergency room is equipped with special rooms for trauma patients. If there’s a life-flight emergency, we have a heated helipad on the ER roof for secure transport—even in the worst winter weather.

Since the patient isn’t the only one who suffers in an emergency, Memorial Hospital makes every effort to see to the needs of family and friends, too. Their wait is made comfortable in our family waiting area, complete with complimentary coffee. Waiting children can pass the time in their own special playroom. And when it’s time to talk with the doctor, a dedicated consultation room allows information to be discussed in private. These are just a few of many ways Memorial Hospital redefines what you expect from a hospital emergency room and changes your experience for the better.

(937) 578-2402 or (800) 686-4677, ext. 2402

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