Inpatient Care

inpatientThere’s no two ways about it. Being sick or injured and away from home is hard. No one understands that better than Memorial Hospital. When we created the Morey Center and our Intensive Care Unit, we kept the needs of our patients and their families a priority.

At Memorial Hospital, our doctors, nurses, and technologists know more than what's on your chart. We know you. And we make sure your visitors and family members feel at home, too. We know we're your local connection and providing the extras in your care is our aim.

The Morey Center, our med/surg unit, features many amenities you might not expect to find, such as a comfortable lounge, outdoor patio, TVs with multiple channels and educational videos, private rooms with windows, and a nearby cafeteria and gift shop.

Our top priority is to help you recover in a warm, supportive environment where you and your family are active participants in your care. That’s the difference Memorial Hospital makes every day—because you are our guest.

Morey Center: (937) 578-2254 or (800) 686-4677, ext. 2254

Intensive Care: (937) 578-2324 or (800) 686-4677, ext. 2324

The Morey Center is located in the southeast section of the hospital, while the ICU is in the center of the main hallway. Use Entrance A for the Morey Center and use Entrance H or Entrance A to reach Intensive Care.

Medication Management

The Memorial Medication Therapies Center clinical pharmacists and staff can provide medication management guidance and related education for patients. A Transitions of Care Nurse Practitioner is also available to assist patients after they leave the hospital in the Transitions of Care Clinic. For more information, call (937) 586-4281,

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Contact Us

  • Address: 500 London Avenue
    Marysville, Ohio 43040
  • Phone: (937) 644-6115
  • Toll Free: (800) 686-4677
  • Central Scheduling: (937) 578-2020
  • Customer Service: (937) 578-2355